pipeline protection

Onshore Solutions

At Hockway, we have a great deal of experience in supplying corrosion control systems from design to project management to maintenance. We have worked in some of the harshest environments on earth--places so far from conventional power sources that only solar and wind turbine systems are available. In some cases, we have performed work in areas once thought to be too hazardous for equipment, but our own in-house build and design services have made safe. Most importantly, we've made sure our timely and efficient services, materials and know-how has acted as an absolute asset for EPC contractors.

Innovations that last

We believe not only is our lasting experience is an asset, but so is our innovative attitude towards material manufacture and supply, system design, surveys and monitoring. This section of the website includes a selection of our onshore corrosion protection solutions along with a few recommendations. Where our stated services don't suit your requirements exactly, our experience, adaptable design, quality build systems and determined, can-do attitude in providing lasting corrosion control answers are more than likely to fulfill your requirements.