Well Casing Protection

It is becoming increasingly necessary for oil and gas operators to protect their production well casings from corrosion with cathodic protection. At Hockway, we have extensive experience in the design, survey (E-log i), materials supply and installation of all these systems.

A Lasting Experience of Innovation

Hockway has been involved in the conceptual design and application of many well casing protection systems.

Anode Systems:

We supply and install deepwell MMO anodes to protect a single of cluster of wells.

Solar Power Supplies:

As production wells tend to be in remote locations away from AC power supplies, we offer solar powered cathodic protection systems. We have extensive experience in the specification, manufacture, installation and operation of these systems. Solar system controllers can be manufactured in-house to give a common interface and control with our transformer rectifiers on other parts of the system.

AC Power Supplies:

We have a number of designs available for both air-cooled and oil-cooled transformer rectifier units. These are manufactured in-house to the highest quality standards.

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