tank protection

Undertank Systems

Smoother Project Integration

Our in-depth understanding of tank design and construction schedules allow us supply corrosion control system engineering, documentation and materials at the right time and place to support your project. 

We stock extensive undertank anode material to make sure these materials are delivered to support the construction schedule.

System Types:

We supply MMO grid, MMO piggyback, shallow and deepwell groundbeds.

Grid System:

Lower material costs are counter balanced by more difficult installation, resulting in higher installation costs.

Wire or Piggy Back System:

This is made up of independently cabled MMO loops which not only provide some redundancy, but are easier to install, even with unskilled labour.

Because the undertank anode system cannot be maintained after installation, we strongly recommend the wire system.

In-house Design and Built Power Supplies:

Our capabilities include multi-channel power supplies and hazardous area units so we can tailor systems for specific projects.

System Management and Control:

We provide you with custom-designed remote monitoring and control systems that are easy to operate and maintain. We can also offer you ongoing operations and maintenance services as part of your package.


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