in-plant piping

Process Plant Piping

It has become increasingly necessary to protect vital buried utility and process lines within process plants. We supply cathodic protection to protect carbon steel and stainless steel buried in plant piping from corrosion and to provide a powerful secondary defence to factory and field applied coatings.

Project Management:

We understand the key issues and critical activities of managing a process plant project, which makes us a valuable support for EPC contractors by helping them anticipate issues and effectively integrating the corrosion control within the overall project.

System Management and Control:

We provide you with custom-designed remote monitoring and control systems that are easy to operate and maintain. We can also offer you ongoing operation and maintenance service as part of your package.

Lasting, Groundbreaking Experience

We recently supplied a large field development project with over 100 close anode systems. Each system needed 10 canistered MMO anodes and independent power supplies, all of which we manufactured in-house.

Time-limited and Long-term Prevention Material

We supply sacrificial anodes for corrosion control for a limited time, or long-term corrosion control with impressed currents through most available anode material.


Temporary systems can be used where construction periods are likely to be extensive and the soil is particularly corrosive.

Zinc Ribbon Sacrificial Anodes:

We supply a range of sizes to provide you with an easily installed, low cost and maintenance free method of protection.

Magnesium Packaged Sacrificial Anodes:

These are a popular choice for hotspot or temporary corrosion control.

Long term:

Impressed Current Anodes:

We supply the industry preferred mixed metal oxide coated titanium (MMO) anode with high resistance Kynar or Halar cables.

Anode Proximity:

We supply popular close anode systems designed to be placed at regular intervals within 2m to 3m of the buried pipe. We can also supply remote systems, but these, in our opinion, are less effective and more susceptible to interference.

A Unique Hazardous Area Protection Capability:

Our ATEX certified power supplies allow us to design a cathodic protection system within hazardous areas, as the power supplies can be located in Zone II areas. The specific benefits are:

  • It reduces the armoured cable runs, which can significantly reduce your material cost
  • More importantly, it reduces the installation time and dramatically brings forward your overall project schedule.
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