About Hockway

Turnkey Cathodic Protection Projects

Our approach is based on meeting the specific needs of EPC contractors who are executing cathodic protection packages as part of a major project. As an experienced cathodic protection company that is approved by most of the major operators, we are strongly positioned to work with EPC contractors to validate their cathodic protection system designs. This can be done as part of a tendering process and then the agreed scope can be executed under suitable commercial terms.

Seamless Integration

We are acutely aware of the design and schedule issues around the integration of a cathodic protection package into an EPC project. Once we are awarded a project, we adopt a rigorous design and project management approach while working closely with the EPC contractor to ensure that the cathodic protection system is successfully integrated into the client's overall project.

Fast Track Accurate Execution

Our expertise in cathodic protection system design, strong supplier relationships and in-house manufacturing capability means that the delivery period for critical equipment is reduced. As a result, the design of both the cathodic protection system and the overall plant can be much further developed before material orders are confirmed. This reduces errors in construction and improves operational integrity.

Design Consultancy

We can also assist EPC contractors in performing site surveys and basic cathodic protection system design in order to produce well-defined project scope documents that allow for efficient cathodic protection project tendering and execution.

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